The following charities are supported through our General Charitable Fund.

Barts Health Violence Reduction Service

The Barts Health Violence Reduction Service integrates social and health care delivering a unique and transformative intervention. Aimed at the victims of serious youth violence our team support both patients and families, providing a robust, supportive and consistent relationship that emphasises holistic and pragmatic care beginning in the trauma ward and extends beyond discharge for up to six months and beyond. Donate Now →


Spitalfields Crypt Trust

For more than 50 years SCT has worked with thousands of people in east London affected by addiction and homelessness. They only work with those who have the most complex needs, often with a combination of issues including poor mental health and multiple addictions. Their services include a drop-in centre; residential recovery accommodation; two move-on houses; intensive therapeutic support; a training and development centre; progression support; work placements in their social enterprises and charity shops and their peer-led recovery community ‘Choices’. Donate Now →


The Extended Medical Degree Programme, King’s College London

This initiative enables students to study medicine who might otherwise be prevented from doing so. The programme uses an admissions process which assesses each candidate on the basis of their individual educational and socio-economic background and offers a more gradual transition to higher education by splitting the first year of King’s College London’s standard undergraduate medical degree programme into two years, so as to provide space for additional academic, pastoral and financial support during the course of their studies.

The service is distinct from, but complements, health care and law enforcement, challenging the beliefs and behaviours that perpetuate knife violence. The success of the programme in transforming attitudes can be illustrated by the observation that of the first 400 patients they engaged only one was readmitted with an injury related to violence. They have reduced violent reoffending and readmission from 35% to 1%. Donate Now →


IntoUniversity provides local learning centres in disadvantaged communities, supporting young people from the least privileged families to gain a university place or another chosen aspiration. It has demonstrated evidence of impact with 68% of its students progressing to university compared with 26% of students from similar backgrounds nationally. They currently operate 31 centres and extension projects in 13 towns and cities across the UK, with plans to launch at least a further three centres by 2022 (with a centre in both Edinburgh and Glasgow) . Donate Now →