Spring Cleaning In August

For many people August means getting away from it all and having the chance to recharge but not for the Beadle and his staff. The seven-week summer closure is the ideal time to spring-clean the Hall and to complete some much-needed maintenance and restoration work.

The cleaning squad was led by Loraine (aka the Company’s talented florist) who, with a band of regulars and casuals, set about dusting and polishing every corner of the building.



Cleaning begins in earnest in the Livery Hall. Carpets, paneling, furniture .....

... our general handyman, Liam, retrieves spent rocket balloons from the Victorian electroliers 
and pays special attention to the glass case protecting the Bridgen Barge Banner (1763).             

Meanwhile in the Entrance Hall:



Tiago takes care of the high-level dust before our Horologist, 
Brian, services the tall clock at the bottom of the main staircase.


Not all the work can be completed on site and so some items have to be taken away to specialist workshops.


Brendan, who keeps our heating and ventilating 
up to scratch, dismantles one of the aging extractor 
fans before it is sent off for reconditioning. Taking 
it down from the roof was the easy bit; 
good luck putting it back up!


Some of the 84 mahogany dining chairs from the 
Livery Hall are beginning to show their age - they
are over 150 yrs old. Our furniture restorer 
Roger (l), and his assistant, prepare to take them 
back to his workshops in Suffolk along with the 
Master's State Chair.


And finally …..


The original wooden doors and their wrought iron decorative work are given 
a thorough re-varnish and re-paint.



  The 'good-as-new' 
  front doors to the Hall 
  - ready and waiting 
  to welcome members, 
  guest and visitors 
  throughout the year.