Open House 2019

The Company took part in Open House London on Saturday.  There was 1 apprentice, 5 cadets, 12 exhibitors, 30 volunteer stewards and 1214 visitors.  The Beadle worked very hard to organise this and it paid off, everyone said how much they had enjoyed their visit.  The chance to ‘play’ with swords and épées was added fun.   After a long day on their feet the volunteers were treated to Mrs Hasler’s shepherd’s pie and a glass of wine or two.


Welcome to the Cutlers

Company Silver

Beadle’s briefing

Colin Kill, indentured to the Company in 1935 at the age of 14.


Pooley Sword


Martin Griffiths testing which sword to get for his DL



London Fencing teaching techniques and moves

Apparently the Assistant Clerk was a natural – watch out!

A full house

The Beadle won the sweepstake!