Who can you invite?

Below we have listed the ‘ideal’ guest for each function, however this is not written in stone, and if you have any queries please contact the Clerk.

Obviously, for example, if you have joined the Company the recently and would like to share the Company with your significant other then it would be quite acceptable for them to attend the Surgical Award Dinner or the Stewards/Autumn Livery Dinner, likewise a friend at the Boot Dinner should one not have a consort and so forth.  If in doubt call us!


Surgical Award Dinner (Liverymen & Freemen)

A medical guest, if possible


United Guilds Service (Liverymen only)

Strictly Consort


Company Dinner (Liverymen & Freemen)

No guests


Boot Dinner (Liverymen only)



Election Service & Buffet Supper (Liverymen & Freemen)



Autumn Livery / Stewards’ Dinner (Liverymen only)



Lord Mayor’s Show & Buffet Lunch (Liverymen & Freemen)



Carol Service & Buffet Supper (Liverymen & Freemen)