Highly Commended

Eat, Feed, Devour by Finn Banwell

Finn is a first-year student in Metalwork at West Dean College.

“In 2021 food should be sustainable and local. We should be close to our food. My cutlery design brings us closer to our food and draws inspiration from the first ever use of cutlery and the concept of Homo Faber–the belief that we can control our fate and environment through the use of tools. My design is as simple as is possible, but these simple shapes helped shape the lives of so many. My cutlery will be made from sheet silver, chased and formed to resemble prehistoric flint tools. This will create a similar feel in the hand to the original flint tools and will give us a similar eating experience to that of our ancestors.”

Statement by the Judges
A clever and creative design with an interesting take on ergonomics.

You can see more about this on the competition website, ccdc.uk.