Cutlers’ Family Day

Dear Liverymen and Freemen,

The Senior Warden, Janek Wichtowski, invites all Cutlers and their family members to join him on Sunday 28th of June 2015, to celebrate both Midsummer and the forthcoming Sexcentenial year in 2016, at his home, Hill View, Hound House Road, Shere, Surrey, GU5 9JQ.

The Senior Warden is providing a marquee and whole lamb roasts and asks for volunteers to bring a salad or pudding for this strictly informal family day. As it is intended to be a relaxed and fun day out, the dress code is similarly strictly informal!

Additionally, there will be an Auction of Promises, such as the use of other Cutlers’ holiday homes and sailing boats, rugby world cup tickets and theatre tickets etc., to raise money for the Sexcentenary Charitable Fund.

The Sexcentenary Fund would like ask if you have something you could donate for the auction of any scale.  All offers, of whatever scale, will be greatly appreciated.  

Tickets are £25 per person for adults, children free.  All monies raised, after the cost of drinks have been covered, will go to the Sexcentenary Charitable Fund.

Please reply to as soon as possible, with a yes or a no, to facilitate the organisation of the event.