The Surgical Award

The principal object of the Award is to promote innovation in the design of surgical instruments and techniques. To this end the Cutlers’ Surgical Award is made annually to a surgeon who has performed outstanding work in the field of instrumentation, or technical development in any branch of surgery. Entries are judged by a representative of the Company in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons.

Its other objects are the making of grants in support of surgical research and medical charities; and the provision of educational grants in the field of surgical and medical technology. Further information about the Award can be obtained here, with details of previous winners here.  Click here for an application form.

The Surgical Fellowship

The Cutlers’ Fellowship in Surgery is open to Members and Fellows of The Royal College of Surgeons working in hospitals throughout the UK to undertake a period of time overseas to learn a surgical technique, procedure or treatment which they can then practise on their return to the UK to benefit their patients in the NHS.  Further information about the Fellowship can be obtained here.  Click here for an application form.


Cutlery for hospices

Up to 48 7-piece sets of cutlery can be provided to equip or re-equip a hospice situated within the United Kingdom.

Charities that are invited to apply for grant aid should do so in writing and all correspondence should be addressed to The Secretary to the Trustees, Cutlers’ Hall, Warwick Lane, London EC4M 7BR.

Applications for cutlery should detail the services provided by the hospice, the number of residents and day care patients, and the number of sets required. Where possible applications should be accompanied by your latest annual report & audited accounts.


Innovation in Military Medical Support

A tri-service award recognising advances in military medical technology nominated by Defence Medical Services.


British Fencing

The Company actively supports disabled fencing in various ways, including outreach to assist coaches in teaching disabled competitors.

In addition, the Company’s bronze medal is awarded annually to someone nominated by British Fencing as having made a major contribution to the sport.


British Art Medal Society

The Company supports the Student Medal Project that encourages and promotes the art of making medals throughout art colleges in the United Kingdom.


Zoological Society of London

Supporting the Asian elephant research programme at Whipsnade Zoo focused on providing insights into elephant behaviour and calibrating the latest conservation technology.


Tusk Trust

Supporting Tusk’s mission to amplify the impact of progressive conservation initiatives across Africa by safeguarding millions of hectares of ecosystems, empowering local communities, and increasing protection of elephants and other endangered species.


The Lord Mayor’s Appeal

Bringing together businesses, employees, neighbouring communities, and charities to find solutions to some of London’s most pressing societal issues in London and beyond.