Woman’s Trust

A specialist mental health charity, providing free counselling and therapy for women who have experienced domestic abuse with no questions asked and regardless of background.

Spitalfield Crypt Trust

Supporting people in recovery from addictions, homelessness, and other complex needs including those who have experienced mental and physical illness or the criminal justice system.

Vicar’s Relief Fund at St Martin’s in the Field

The Vicar’s Relief Fund provides crisis grants to individuals and families to help sustain their independent living.


StreetDoctors are a movement of young healthcare volunteers who train young people with first aid skills to become lifesavers in their communities across the UK.

Charlie Waller Trust

Mental health training, resources and consultancy with a focus on children and young people work with young people, parents and carers, schools, colleges, universities and employers.

Bloomsbury Football Foundation

The Foundation programme gives every young person aged between 7 and 16 the chance to get on the pitch and experience the power of football.

The Young Homeless project at St Mary Le Bow

Supporting young homeless people and ex-offenders with accommodation in safe flats, providing them with help in securing a job and preparing for independent living.


Supporting children and their families living in poverty and helps them through crisis situations such as serious illness.

Magical Taxi Tour

To give sick children a break from therapy and treatment by sponsoring a taxi to take them on a three-day trip to Disneyland Paris organised by the Hackney Carriage Drivers.

Adult Literacy Trust

Provides adults with one-to-one support to improve their reading skills and confidence, as a complement to formal education provision, ensuring that individuals who wish to improve their literacy skills receive the help they need to become successful readers, and to increase their life chances.


Siblings Together

Provides opportunities for planned, enjoyable, creative and high-quality sibling contact, for children living in different care arrangements.


Sheriffs’ and Recorder’s Fund

The Fund gives small grants to ex-prisoners and their families in London, to help them stop offending and start a new life.