Livery Lottery – Boar’s Head Feast

The Master drew two names out of Rupert’s silk top hat at the last Court Meeting. The three Liverymen going to the Boar’s Head Feast this year are: Roxanne Lock, Mark Dingle and Peter Randolph.  

Autumn Court Dinner

Please see link to photos from the Autumn Court Dinner this year and last. You are free to download them and print if you wish, or, if you would like, Philip can arrange to print them for you – his … Read More

Open House 2019

The Company took part in Open House London on Saturday.  There was 1 apprentice, 5 cadets, 12 exhibitors, 30 volunteer stewards and 1214 visitors.  The Beadle worked very hard to organise this and it paid off, everyone said how much … Read More

Magical Taxi Tour 2019

The Master had a very early start on Friday when he attended the big breakfast for the annual Magical Taxi Tour organised by the Hackney Carriage Drivers.  As always this was an impressive event with large numbers of sponsors, greater … Read More

New Honorary Freeman

Rolf Schläpfer was admitted as an Honorary Freeman of the Company on 17 July 2019.  As the Zunftmeister for the Zunft zur Schmiden in Zürich for many years he has a long history with the Cutlers, and we look forward … Read More


On 5th July, the Junior Warden, Liveryman Christine Brown and the Assistant Clerk abseiled down Barclay’s HQ in Canary Wharf in support of the The Lord Mayor’s Appeal.  Truth be told it was less abseiling and more lowering yourself down … Read More

New Freeman

Alastair Ward-Booth was admitted as a Freeman to the Company on 17 July 2019.  Alastair is a Councillor at East Herts District Council and training to be a solicitor.  We welcome him and look forward to seeing him here at … Read More

New Freeman

Martin Griffiths FRCS DL was admitted as a Freeman to the Cutlers on 17 July 2019.  Martin heads the Barts Health Violence Reduction Service which the Cutlers has been supporting since 2016, and is now the NHS’s first clinical director … Read More

New Freeman

We are delighted to welcome Fiona Oliver to the Cutlers.  She became a Freeman of the Company on Wednesday 19 July 2019.  Fiona is a Business Director and works with Liveryman James Roberts.  We look forward to seeing her here … Read More

HMS Enterprise

Over the last couple of weeks the Company has been privileged to be able to engage with our affiliated ship HMS Enterprise. Liverymen and Freemen had the opportunity for a tour of the ship, to attend the presentation of the … Read More