And the winner is…

Hand by Anli Hou

Anli is a postgraduate student in Jewellery and Metal Design at the Royal College of Art.  She receives a prize of £750 and get to have her cutlery made in a collaborative process.  This should be ready for use later this year.

“The inspiration for my work is ‘hand’.  In Chinese there is a word for ‘mind and hand in accord’ which means to mobilise the enthusiasm of the whole body when doing something, so as to achieve the highest state of heart being hand, and hand being heart. It is like the people who cook for us, whether they are chefs or our lovers.  They have high expectations for food and show their love for the diner by concentrating on making a rich dish with both hands. This inspired me to use the shape of my hands for the design of the cutlery, in order to draw closer the love between the people who cook for us and the diners.”

Statement by the Judges

Intriguing aesthetics and convincing narrative combined in a winning design of cutlery.

You can see more about this on the competition website, and on Instagram.